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GAP covers all scales of representation. High Resolution Satellite images and photogrammetric flights with different sensors bring to the production or updating of thematic cartography, obtained with the development of new classification algorithms or approaches. The study of territory and surfaces strongly contribute to increase the knowledge of landscape, which outcome can be exploited for management purposes of any kind of area. Dedicated DB, numerical numbers of surfaces, change detection approaches, Land/Cover Land use and many more are used for a more aware management and sharing of information multi-purpose, multi-dimensional and multi-temporal using Geographical Information Systems. As well, research is oriented toward the use and development of range based techniques (both terrestrial and aerial) for modelling and reconstruction of cultural heritage sites and goods. With a sight into the future, the lab even face with the challenge of making the space aware of human presence, developing methodologies of outdoor and indoor geolocalization toward the vision of creating Senseable Spaces.
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